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6. During a presentation at a local health department, a community health nurse discusses how society has changed over the past 100 years and the influence that these changes have had on the community's health care needs. Which of the following would the nurse include as a current societal event?

A) Large disparity in male/female wages

B) Rural to urban migration

C) Rampant child labor

D) Widespread violence

7. A community health nurse working at the local level is attending an in-service program about health care economics. The nurse asks the presenter, “Why do I need to know this information? My focus is my clients.” Which response by the presenter would be most appropriate?

A) “You are required to know this information because your agency receives government funding.”

B) “You might be in management one day and have to deal with cost control and reimbursement.”

C) “Although it seems foreign to you, it's an important topic that you might have to deal with someday.”

D) “This knowledge is important to the success of your practice and the agency's survival.”

8. When describing managed competition as a potential solution to resolve the health care crisis, which of the following would be included?

A) Promotion of quality of care while keeping costs down

B) Elimination of burdensome government regulations

C) Reduction in state and federal control over health care delivery

D) Keeping insurance companies out of the health care crisis issue

9. A community health nurse is working with community groups who use health maintenance organizations (HMOs). Which of the following would the nurse need to keep in mind to enhance the effectiveness of HMOs for the clients?

A) Based on a prospective payment system

B) Relatively new model of managed care

C) Used by limited numbers of people in the United States

D) No out-of-pocket expenses for members

10. As part of a community-wide education program, a community health nurse is developing a teaching plan about Medicare. Which of the following would the nurse include in the plan? Select all that apply.

A) It is a state health insurance program for elderly persons and the disabled.

B) The enrollee pays a premium for Part B, but not for Part A.

C) Prescriptions are covered under Medicare Part B.

D) Medicare covers most health care costs for those enrolled.

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