Due 1/12/17 course: values, ethics and sustainability

Question : Due 1/12/17 course: values, ethics and sustainability : 9825

Due 1/12/17

course: values, ethics and sustainability

Submit your mini-research paper 1 on a theme of your choice based on any of the chapters covered

At least 7 double –spaced pages excluding title and reference pages.

Mini-Research Paper - 7 pages double-spaced

Topic/Theme: Your choice from the chapters covered

Incorporate the role of science, technology, values, Ethics, and Law in your paper. Articulate the impact(s) of each one of the above roles on a much larger scale/picture. Be very specific in your descriptive analysis…provide logical support in your arguments and conclusion.

Note: Guideline

Must have a cover page

Thesis statement


Body – Analysis




Reference page – Works cited – Use at least 4 references preferably data-based articles and not textbook.

The Corporation and Its Stakeholders Business corporations have complex relationships with many individuals and organizations in society. The term stakeholder refers to all those that affect, or are affected by, the actions of the firm. An important part of management's role is to identify a firm's relevant stakeholders and understand the nature of their interests, power, and alliances with one another Building positive and mutually ben- eficial relationships across organizational boundaries can help enhance a company's reputation and address critical social and ethical challenges. In a world of fast-paced globalization, shifting public expectations and government policies, growing ecological concerns, and new technologies, manag- ers face the difficult challenge of achieving economic results while simultaneously creating value for all of their diverse stakeholders. This Chapter Focuses on These Key Learning objectives: LO 1-1 Understanding the relationship between business and society and the ways in which business and society are part of an interactive system. LO -12 Considering the purpose of the modern corporation. LO 1-3 Knowing what a stakeholder is and who a corporation's market and n and internal and external stakeholders are LO 1-4 conducting a stakeholder analysis understanding the basis of stakeholder interests and power. and 15 Recognizing the diverse ways in which modern corporations organize internally to interact with various stakeholders. LO 1.6 Analyzing the forces of change that continually reshape business and society relationship. t

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