Dress for success, even if you have to borrow clothes

Question : Dress for success, even if you have to borrow clothes : 2152274

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

46) Dress for success, even if you have to borrow clothes.

47) Be yourself; do not pretend to be someone you think would be more appealing to the interviewers.

48) As part of the interviewing process, some health care employers ask applicants to log in to their social media sites and allow interviewers to see what is posted there. If the applicant refuses, the interview may be cut short with no job offer extended.

49) Doctors and emergency medical technicians do not have to engage in professional development but registered nurses do.

50) Effective leaders expect subordinates to do things they are not willing to do themselves.

51) Most people are "born leaders." If you aspire to move into a leadership role, get the job first and then develop the skills.

52) Most health care professional associations are discipline-specific (nursing, radiography, physical therapy, medical assisting, etc.) and have local, state, and national chapters working together on common goals.

53) Having a career advancement plan can help align your individual goals with your company's business goals.

54) When it is time for your annual performance evaluation, your performance will be rated, in part, by how well you achieved the goals set forth in your career plan.

55) Mentors and role models are part of your network of supporters.

56) Networking is interacting with a variety of people in different settings to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one's career.

57) Your employment status can be supplemental, full-time, or part-time.

58) During an interview, you should expect both traditional and behavioral questions.

59) Unlike behavioral questions, traditional interview questions are more probing and call for specific examples.

60) A headhunter is someone who has committed a crime requiring jail time.

MATCHING. Choose the item in column 2 that best matches each item in column 1.

Match each of the following terms with its definition.

61) Dynamic

A) Identifying and preparing employees to fill positions when other workers retire

62) Misdemeanor

B) Benefits that come with status

63) Succession planning

C) Workforce supply and demand projections

64) Perks

D) Minor offense with a fine or short jail time

65) Labor trends

E) In motion, energetic

Match each of the following terms with its definition:

66) Cover letter

A) Interacting with a variety of people in different settings to exchange information and further one's career

67) Networking

68) Portfolio

B) A mental image to imagine what the future could be

C) A method of introducing a job applicant to a potential employer

D) A collection of materials that demonstrate knowledge, skills, and abilities

69) Match each of the following terms with its definition:

70) Employment benefits

A) People who can provide information about job applicants

71) Occupational preferences

72) References

B) Health, life, vision, and dental insurance, retirement and pension

73) Retirement benefits

74) Hire-on bonus

75) Employment agencies

C) Extra compensation for accepting a job offer

D) The types of work and work settings that an individual prefers

E) Employer-funded pension contributions

F) Companies that connect job applicants with employers

ESSAY. Write your answer in the space provided or on a separate sheet of paper.

76) List four questions to answer when identifying your occupational preferences.

77) Explain the value of researching labor trends.

78) Explain the value of researching labor projections.

79) Identify three places on the Internet to find job openings.

80) Describe four characteristics of a professional résumé.

81) Name five things you should do when filling out a job application form.

82) Explain why employers use preemployment assessments.

83) Describe five ways to present a professional image during a job interview.

84) List five important factors in participating in a job interview.

85) Explain the importance of having a professional presence online.

86) List two reasons why health care workers must engage in professional development.

87) Describe four characteristics of effective leaders.

88) Identify two ways to develop leadership skills.

89) Describe the benefits of participating in a health care professional association.

90) Explain the importance of having a career advancement plan.

91) List three sources of information on job openings in addition to the Internet.

92) Explain two things you should consider when considering references.

93) Explain the importance of expecting the unexpected in career planning.

94) What role does risk taking play in career advancement?

95) What are basic skills and why are they important?

96) List four ways to explore employment opportunities where you live.

97) Explain why it is important never to falsify or exaggerate information about you on a job application form or during an interview.

98) What is networking and why is it valuable?

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