Determine the place value of the digit 3 in the whole number. 1) 2530

Question : Determine the place value of the digit 3 in the whole number. 1) 2530 : 2151873

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

Determine the place value of the digit 3 in the whole number.

1) 2530

A) Ones

B) Hundreds

C) Tens

D) Thousands

2) 30,542

A) Thousands

B) Tens

C) Hundred-thousands

D) Ten-thousands

3) 25,304,168

A) Thousands

B) Hundreds

C) Hundred-thousands

D) Ten-thousands

4) 30,500,421

A) Ten-millions

B) Millions

C) Ten-thousands

D) Tens

5) 1392

A) Ones

B) Tens

C) Hundreds

D) Thousands

6) 403,681,295

A) Thousands

B) Hundred-thousands

C) Hundred-millions

D) Millions

7) 463,981

A) Hundred-thousands

B) Ten-thousands

C) Hundreds

D) Thousands

8) 45,271,903

A) Hundreds

B) Tens

C) Ten-millions

D) Ones

Write a word name for the whole number.

9) 3072

A) Thirty thousand, seventy-two

B) Three thousand, seventy-two

C) Three hundred thousand, seventy-two

D) Three million, seventy-two

10) 5168

A) Five hundred thousand, one hundred sixty-eight

B) Five million, one thousand, sixty-eight

C) Five thousand, one hundred sixty-eight

D) Fifty-one thousand, sixty-eight

11) 24,807

A) Two million, forty-eight thousand, seven

B) Two thousand, four hundred eighty-seven

C) Twenty-four thousand, eight hundred seven

D) Two hundred forty-eight thousand, seven

12) 70,146

A) Seven hundred one thousand, forty-six

B) Seventy thousand, one hundred forty-six

C) Seven thousand, one hundred forty-six

D) Seven million, one thousand, forty-six

13) 135,060

A) Thirteen thousand, five hundred six

B) One hundred thirty-five thousand, sixty

C) Thirteen thousand, five hundred sixty

D) One million, thirty-five thousand, sixty

14) 9,300,695

A) Nine million, three thousand, six hundred ninety-five

B) Nine million, three hundred thousand, six hundred ninety-five

C) Ninety-three thousand, six hundred ninety-five

D) Nine million, thirty thousand, six hundred ninety-five

15) 22,000,674

A) Twenty-two hundred million, six hundred seventy-four

B) Twenty-two million, six hundred seventy-four

C) Two million, two thousand, six hundred seventy-four

D) Twenty-two million, six thousand seventy-four

16) 64,568,009

A) Sixty-million, five thousand sixty-eight hundred, nine

B) Sixty million, forty-five thousand, sixty-eight hundred and nine

C) Sixty-four million, five hundred thousand, sixty-eight hundred, nine

D) Sixty-four million, five hundred sixty-eight thousand, nine

17) 235,060

A) Two million, thirty-five thousand, sixty

B) Two hundred thirty-five thousand, sixty

C) Twenty-three thousand, five hundred sixty

D) Twenty-three thousand, five hundred six

18) 4,200,091

A) Four million, two hundred ninety-one

B) Four million, twenty thousand, ninety-one

C) Four million, two hundred thousand, ninety-one

D) Forty-two thousand, ninety-one

Write the whole number in standard form.

19) Eight thousand, one hundred sixty-seven

A) 800,167

B) 8167

C) 81,067

D) 810,067

20) Thirty-two thousand, nine hundred five

A) 32,905

B) 3295

C) 320,905

D) 32,950

21) Seven thousand, six

A) 7060

B) 76,000

C) 7600

D) 7006

22) Forty-eight thousand, seventeen

A) 48,170

B) 47,180

C) 48,017

D) 4817

23) Six hundred thirty-eight thousand, nine hundred ninety-seven

A) 638,000

B) 638,997

C) 638,997,000

D) 638,977

24) Two hundred six thousand, one hundred seven

A) 206,107

B) 2617

C) 260,170

D) 207,106

25) One hundred million, six thousand

A) 100,006,000

B) 1006

C) 1,600,000

D) 106,000,000

26) Ten million, three hundred fifty-four thousand, two hundred three

A) 135,423

B) 10,354,203

C) 1,354,230

D) 1,354,203

27) Six billion

A) 6,000,000,000

B) 6,000,000,000,000

C) 6,000,000

D) 12,000,000,000

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