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D cengageBrain My Hon x CengageNowIOnline to x (C south-western Federal x KC Chegg Study I Guided so x C Assignment/takeAssignmen Main do?invoker assignments&takeAssignmentSessionLocatoraassignme; S Problem 19-45 (b) (Lo.5) 13. G Jebal Corporation owns 15% of Demiter Corporation's stock. On September 20, Demiter Corporation, with current ERP of $955,000 distributes land (fair market value of $450,000; basis of $400,000) to The land is subject to a ability of $125,000, which Jebali Click here to view the Dividend Received Deduction table. a. Jebali Corporation has dividend income of s 325,000 and a dividends received deduction of s 227,500 Show All F b. Demiter Corporation's E & P after the distribution is reduce by Show All Feedback Check My Work Moon Problem 19-NS.Whatif2 Question 11 of 13 Save Exit Submit Assignment for Grading O Ask me anything EE


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