Conventions can be held anywhere there is space.

Question : Conventions can be held anywhere there is space. : 2162223

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

23) Conventions can be held anywhere there is space.

24) The number-one reason attendees voluntarily go to events is for networking.

25) The association's board of directors typically meets several times a year to provide collective advice and direction to the association. These meetings are known as board meetings.

26) The definition of "corporations" used in this chapter is "legally chartered enterprises that conduct business on behalf of their owners with the purpose of making a profit and increasing its value.

27) The top city hosting meetings in 2013 both in the United States and internationally was Las Vegas.

28) Persons attending small associations with members who join for Social, Military, Religious, and Fraternal reasons tend to pay their own expenses.

29) Attendance at association meetings is usually mandatory.

30) Per Diem rates refers to the amount of money a government attendee can spend annually on items like lodging and meals.

31) Government meetings often require a disproportionately smaller amount of function space relative to the number of sleeping room nights booked.

32) The Trade Show Exhibition is generally not open to the public, while Exhibitions are usually open to the public

33) The definition of Public Shows is exhibits of products and services that are open to the public and usually charge an admission fee.

34) Meeting Management Companies are also known as Third Parties and operate on a contractual basis but limit their services to providing either selected or comprehensive meeting management services.

35) The technology has not yet caught up such that Virtual Trade Shows are possible today.

MATCHING. Choose the item in column 2 that best matches each item in column 1.

Match each type of gathering sponsored by corporations to its description.

36) Stockholders Meeting       A) The governing body of a corporation typically meets several times a year, usually in the city where the corporation is located

37) Board Meeting      B) Awarded to top performers based on certain criteria

38) Management Meeting       C) Voting shareholders are invited to attend an annual meeting

39) Training Meeting  D) Held to bring managers and key employees up-to-date on improved methods of job performance

40) Public Show         E) Often held to upgrade the performance of the sales staff, distributors and retailers, and to introduce new products and services

41) Incentive Trip       F) Held for numerous reasons such as a need to bring decision makers and important personnel together to develop plans, review performances, or improve processes

42) Sales Training and Product Launches      G) Mainly tradeshows where exhibitors display their products to a local public

43) Professional and Technical Training        H) Held to bring managers and others up to date on issues relevant to their role within the company and to enhance the knowledge of their service providers

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