Consider the following hypothetical scenario

Question : Consider the following hypothetical scenario : 2134238

38) Consider the following hypothetical scenario:

A young scientific genius, Dolly, is terminally ill with hereditary nonpolyposis colon cancer (HNPCC). When she dies, her parents feel that one of the most remarkable minds in science will die with her, and they feel they owe it to the world to not let this happen. The family travels to a secret lab on a small offshore island, which allegedly performs “reproductive cloning" (cloning by somatic cell nuclear transfer). Dolly’s parents hope to clone her from one of her skin cells.

(a) If the lab is successful in cloning Dolly, can they guarantee that her clone will be as academically gifted as Dolly? Why or why not?

(b) Would Dolly and her clone have identical DNA “fingerprints”? Why or why not?

(c) Would Dolly and her clone share the same mitochondrial DNA? Why or why not?

(d) Would you expect there to be a difference in the length of telomeres in Dolly's skin cells versus in the cells of her embryonic clone? Why or why not?

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