conflict? if moral values Sometimes one issue obviously more h

Question : conflict? if moral values Sometimes one issue obviously more h : 7075

conflict? if moral values Sometimes one issue is obviously more h and s vs. Ethical Principles Sometimes a creative middle way is found Other times you have to bite the bullet and go with gut instinct Taken from The Royal Academy of Engineering Introduction Introduction (continued) The Royal Academy of Engineering, in collaboration with Engineering Council and a nu This Statement of Ethical Principles standard to which members of the engineering profession should aspire in their working habits created a Statement of Principles to which it believes all professional engineers and related and relationships. The values on which it is bodies should subscribe. based should apply in every situation in which Professional Engineers work to enhance the welfare, professional engineers exercise their judgement. health and safety of all whilst paying due regard to the There are four fundamental principles that environment and the sustainability of resources, They should guide an engineer in achieving the high have made personal and professional commitments to ideals of professional life. These express the enhance the wellbeing of society through the exploitation beliefs and values of the profession and are of knowledge and the management of creative teams. amplified below o Case Summary slides from 23 to 34 and make it simple


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