Conduct an online job search in your field of study

Question : Conduct an online job search in your field of study : 6810

Conduct an online job search in your field of study that you would like to apply for upon graduation. Try to find at least 3 positions for which you will be qualified and that interest you. Create a list of key words that are common to these positions. These may be particular skills (e.g. presentation, specific software programs, etc.), education, experience, or industry specific terminology. Knowing these key words will help you tailor your resume and cover letter to the position.

Write a cover letter: Even though cover letters are generally "optional," to apply for a position, they are required if you actually want the hiring manager to look at your resume. Select one position from your search and write a cover letter tailored to that position. Using key words that you identified in part 1 of this assignment will help you grab the reader's attention and give your resume a better shot of being reviewed. Highlight the key words by putting them in italics or bold (you wouldn't do this in an actual cover letter you send out; this is just for this assignment). You can visit the Career Services Lab for help on writing a cover letter.

Submit a copy of the job posting (do not include the URL in case the position is filled and posting removed before you submit your letter) and your cover letter to the LP1.2 Assignment dropbox.

Important Note : My interested job is to federal jobs which are: Contract specialist, budget analyst, accountant, finance specialist etc for GS 7. Please visit usajobs.com to find my interest job list.

Answer should be plagiarism free.


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