COMPLETION 1.Information that collected by other people often as a part

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1.Information that is collected by other people often as a part of their day-to-day work in a justice agency, but used by someone else for research purposes is referred to as _______________ of existing data.

2.It may be possible to use a(n) _______________ source of data in which criminal justice agency staff collect information for specific research purposes that they typically would not have collected.

3.When using agency records as a data source, the researcher must always keep changes in operational definitions and changes in _______________ in mind because of their potential impact upon validity and reliability.

4.The potential for ________________ increases as the number of clerical entries increases.

5.In content analysis, the visible, surface content known asĀ  _______________.

6.In content analysis, the underlying meaning of a communication is referred to as ________________.

7.Generally speaking, secondary data are least useful when the purpose of research is ______________.

8.Content analysis is really a(n) __________ operation that represents the measurement process.

9.The main disadvantage of using secondary data concerns how variables were initially operationalized and whether the secondary data provide _______________ measures of the variables you want to analyze.

10.Manifest and latent content can be distinguished by the degree of _______________ required in measurement.


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