Chapter Twelve:  Classroom Organization and Management Multiple-Choice Directions: Indicate the appropriate response

Question : Chapter Twelve:  Classroom Organization and Management Multiple-Choice Directions: Indicate the appropriate response : 1987695

Chapter Twelve:  Classroom Organization and Management


Directions: Indicate the appropriate response to each item below

1.When reinforcements for a behaviour are withheld in an effort to help decrease the behaviour, this is

a. Negative reinforcement


c.Positive reinforcement


P329, R, D1

2.A ________ is any event that rewards, and thus strengthens and increases the frequency of the behaviour it follows.

a.natural consequence


c.logical consequence


P325, R, D1

3. To be most effective, contingency contracts should:

a.reward accomplishment rather than obedience.

b.reward obedience rather than accomplishment.



P326, R, D1

4. ______ refer to physical facets of the classroom.

a.Classroom environment

b.Classroom accommodations

c.Classroom ambiance

d.Classroom arrangements

P321, R, D1

5.Three punishment techniques commonly used in classrooms are

a.time out, consequences, reprimands

b.reprimands, response cost, time out

c.response cost, antecedents, prompts

d.reprimands, fading, consequences

P330, R, D1

6. ______ is the term used to describe the classroom atmosphere in which students must function.

a.classroom climate

b.classroom dynamics

c.classroom dimension

d.classroom environment

P317, R, D1

7. With the use of _______ consequences, the situation itself provides the contingencies for particular behaviour.





P328, R, D1

8.A technique in which students observe and record their own behaviour is




d. self-sufficiency

P334, R, D1

9. Which of the following is NOT a basic principle to be followed for positive reinforcement?

a.It must be tangible.

b.It must be meaningful to the student.

c.It must be contingent upon proper performance of a desired behaviour.

d.It must be presented immediately

P325, R, D2

10._____ ______ are / A recommendation for creating a is a systematic designing of the classroom environment to create conditions in which effective teaching and learning can occur.

  1.               classroom rules
  2.               classroom guidelines
  3.                classroom management
  4.               classroom behaviours

P314, R, D1

11.A recommendation for creating a positive environment is

a.do not include students in the creation of classroom rules

b.let the students know that they are no more important than others in the group

c.let students know that teaching is a serious business with no time for individual complaints

d.convey enthusiasm about learning

P319, R, D2

12.The physical dimension includes the aspects of the physical environment that teachers can manipulate to enhance the

a.student – teacher relationship

b.conditions for learning

c.principal’s access to the classroom

d.caretaker’s role

P321, R, D2

13.Relational discipline focuses on the relationship between the

  1.               child and family

b,student and teacher

c.student and principal

d.teacher and principal

P324, R, D1

14.If time out is to succeed

a.use a timer to ensure accuracy in the length of time out

b.always keep students in time out for extended periods of time

c.use an area that has reinforcing elements

d.always use this system with sensitive students

P331, R, D1

15._________________ refer(s) to how students are organized for instructional purposes.





P237, R, D1


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