Chapter Eight:  Teaching Students with Autism and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum

Question : Chapter Eight:  Teaching Students with Autism and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum : 1987666

Chapter Eight:  Teaching Students with Autism and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder


Directions: Indicate the appropriate response to each item below.

1.Leo Kanner is credited with coining the term


b.Kanner’s syndrome

c.early infantile autism

d.Prader-Willi syndrome

P 199, R, D1

2.Autism occurs in about _____ per 200 children.





P 199, R, D1

3.The age of onset of autism is prior to

a.five years of age

b.seven years of age

c.three years of age

d.two years of age

P 200, R, D1

4.Which of the following has been cited as a reason why children with autism are difficult to identify?

a.Children with autism display many characteristics exhibited by their peers with other exceptionalities, such as speech and language disorders.

b.Many children with autism are mistakenly classified as multihandicapped.

c.There is no stable classification system used among educators and other professionals who encounter children with autism.

d.All of the above

P 202, R, D1

5.Which of the following is the most accurate statement regarding the cause of autism?

a.In many cases of autism, organic factors (e.g., genetics, brain damage, etc.) have been found to cause autism.

b.In most cases of autism, a cause cannot be confirmed.

c.Inorganic factors, such as head trauma and exposure to environmental toxins, have been found to cause autism.

d.Autism is an autosomal recessive genetic disorder.

P 203, R, D1

6.Recent research has indicated that children, particularly young children, with autism

a.benefit from placement in restrictive medical treatment programs

b.benefit from placement in inclusive settings

c.benefit from psychotherapy

d.none of the above

P 208, R, D2

7.Programs for children and youth with autism should be

a.age appropriate and developmentally appropriate

b.characterized by working with the child’s parents as research has indicated that autism may be caused by poor parenting

c.characterized by facilitated communication

d.none of the above

P 209, R, D1

8._____________________________ is characterized by the loss of previously acquired skills between the ages of 2 and 10.


b.traumatic brain injury

c.childhood disintegrative disorder

d.Asperger Syndrome

P 202, R, D1

9._____________________ is a pervasive developmental disorder that primarily affects social interactions, language, and behaviour.

a.traumatic brain injury

b.cerebral palsy


d.spina bifida

P 203, R, D1

10.The recent increase in the number of persons identified with autism has created the need for

a.more medical specialists

b.training centres

c.enhanced teacher training

d.more peer helpers

P 200, R, D1


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