Chapter 1 True/False    The name of the constructor the same as

Question : Chapter 1 True/False    The name of the constructor the same as : 2043782

Chapter 1


  1.    The name of the constructor is the same as the name of the class to which it belongs.
  2.    The keyword private means that the property or capability which follows it can be used either by methods of the class and outside of the class.

  1.    Generally methods including the constructor are given the visibility of public.


  1.    The purpose of the keyword new is to declare the name of an instance variable.
  2.    The left-side of the assignment operator is the value to be assigned to the variable on the right-side of the assignment operator.
  3.    UML provides a way to diagram classes and the relationships between classes.

  1.    Using the convention of the textbook all instance variables representing properties of a class begin with an underscore followed by a name which starts with a lower case letter.
  2.    The state of an instance refers to the number of instance variables in the object and their data types.
  3.    When we say we want our software models to be reliable, we mean that they should not contain errors or break unexpectedly.
  4. An inline comment begins with /* and ends with */.


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