An unnamed congressman, after receiving a $10,000 check from an organization

Question : An unnamed congressman, after receiving a $10,000 check from an organization : 2139062

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

11) PAC stands for:

A) politicians and contributions.

B) political action committee.

C) polls and campaigns.

D) politics and change.

12) An unnamed congressman, after receiving a $10,000 check from an organization, did what?

A) Voted the wishes of his constituency, the people from his district

B) Made his decision based on party affiliation

C) Voted for a regulation requiring disclosure of defects in automobiles

D) Voted against a regulation requiring disclosure of defects in automobiles

13) A gift becomes a bribe when:

A) it is freely given.

B) the amount exceeds the salary of the elected official.

C) it is requested.

D) there is a quid pro quo.

14) Prosecutions of corrupt federal legislators have been divided into three categories. They include all of the following except:

A) theft.

B) bribery.

C) violations of election laws.

D) payroll fraud.

15) Which of the following activities would not constitute payroll fraud?

A) Staff required to pay portion of salary to elected official

B) Hillary Rodham Clinton hired to advise a congressional committee

C) Surplus pay raise for congressional staff used to pay for personal expenses

D) Elected official household staff put on congressional payroll

16) Giving money to an elected official is bribery when:

A) the contributor plans to present information on a bill to the legislator.

B) it is done in return for vote on a piece of legislation.

C) it is done in hopes that the elected official will make an inquiry to an IRS audit.

D) it is given hopes of getting an audience with elected official.

17) Representative Daniel Flood of Pennsylvania flooded his home district with federal funds and numerous public institutions carried his name. He took money from businessmen to do all of the following except:

A) to direct government family planning funds.

B) to persuade the Treasury Department to approve a merger.

C) to enable a religious school to get millions in federal grants.

D) to contribute campaign funds to a personal charity.

18) Who is the predecessor to Governor Rod Blagojevich? This individual was serving a 6-1/2-year prison sentence the day Blagojevich was arrested.

A) Fredrick Richmond

B) Melvin Weinberg

C) Daniel Flood

D) George Ryan

19) The ABSCAM operation was criticized because:

A) a lot of money was spent but there were no convictions for serious felonies.

B) the criminal informant was left holding the bag by the government, literally.

C) it was not targeted at wrongdoing that was already occurring.

D) the amount of money involved was miniscule.

20) The eight-year, four-month sentence given to arch-conservative Duke Cunningham was ironic because:

A) only James Traficant's sentence was longer.

B) he had argued for tougher sentences.

C) he had argued for lighter sentences for particular offenses.

D) he had sponsored legislation to improve prison conditions.

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