An online tool that allows users to easily find resources

Question : An online tool that allows users to easily find resources : 2162243

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) An online tool that allows users to easily find resources and tools for the industry is called an information:

A) Portal

B) Window

C) Access point

D) Door

2) Which of these tools is not a type of e-marketing?


B) Blogging

C) Podcasting

D) E-blasts

3) A virtual reality program that never really took off was:

A) Fake Life

B) First Life

C) Lush Life

D) Second Life

4) Podcasts are audio files that can be played back on:

A) MP3 players

B) Mobile devices such as the iPod

C) Personal computers

D) All of the above

5) An important issue raised by the rise of online registration for events is:

A) The unexpected added expense

B) Anonymity

C) Integration of data

D) Both A and C

6) Which of the following should be considered in the calculations for bandwidth needed at a conference?

A) Message centers

B) Web conferencing

C) E-mail kiosks

D) All of the above

7) VOIP stands for:

A) Voice Online Internet Production

B) Voice Over Internet Production

C) Volume Online Internet Protocol

D) Voice Over Internet Protocol

8) RFID stands for:

A) Radio Frequency Identification Device

B) Registration From Internet Device

C) Radio Frequency Internet Device

D) Registration Frequency Identification Device

9) A technology that has been used to capture customer information at events is:


B) Lead Retrieval System

C) Spyware

D) None of the above

10) A technology used at events to poll attendees is:

A) Audience Response System

B) Attendees Registration System

C) Attendance Requirement System

D) None of the above

11) All of the following are ways that technology has impacted convention centers except:

A) Online registration

B) The development of portable electronic storage devices

C) Using the Internet for marketing

D) All have impacted convention centers.

12) The best event websites integrate a ________ strategy.

A) Two-way

B) One-way

C) Three-way

D) Four-way

13) An example of a MEEC industry portal is:

A) Techsytalk

B) Corbin Ball's website

C) A and B

D) None of the above

14) When should information about the next year's meeting be ready to go live online?

A) At most one week after the meeting

B) At most six months after the meeting

C) At most one month after the meeting

D) The day this year's meeting concludes

15) Which of these is NOT an example of an event app?

A) Double Dutch

B) Event Mobi

C) Quickmobile

D) These are all event apps.

16) CAD stands for:

A) Conference Annual Design

B) Computerized Annual Delivery

C) Convention Assisted Design

D) Computer Aided Design

17) The industry leader in software packages for the MEEC industry is:

A) Desktop


C) MS Office Suite

D) Facebook

18) APEX stands for:

A) Attendance Examples

B) Audience Personal Exchange

C) Accepted Practices Exchange

D) Attendees Privacy Settings

19) NFC stands for:

A) Not For Communication

B) New Fangled Conference

C) New Force Convention

D) Near Field Communication

20) The technology used in interactive nametags is called?





TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

21) E-blasts should be used as often as possible to as many users as possible to saturate the market.

22) Two meeting-specific uses for RFIDs are CEU tracking and Internet message centers.

23) The term Web 2.0 refers to all of the online tools where the operative word is interactivity.

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