According to the research of Dr. Martin Haberman (Star Teachers,

Question : According to the research of Dr. Martin Haberman (Star Teachers, : 2003

According to the research of Dr. Martin Haberman (Star Teachers, 2005), one of the tenets of a successful teacher is persistence. One of the most important questions we can ask as teachers is: “I wonder what I might try next?” For this scenario, imagine you are a first year teacher during the first week of school. All of your classes are doing well, except the class that comes to you immediately after lunch. It is seemingly impossible to get them to settle down. There are 22 students in this class. Five of these students have mild learning disabilities. Your actions over the course of the next several days could determine the climate in this classroom for the remainder of the school year.

1. List the steps you will have already taken up to this point. What proactive things did you do since the first day of school, which seemed to have worked for every other class except this one?

2. List the steps you need to take to get this class under control. Address the issues of openness, fairness and support.

3. Individually, you will each reflect on the classroom situation and the steps you will take before school starts and during the first few weeks to ensure a positive learning climate.

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