According to the food consumptions guidelines in this chapter

Question : According to the food consumptions guidelines in this chapter : 2162240

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

24) According to the food consumptions guidelines in this chapter, a heavy eater will eat 16 + hors d'oeuveres in a 2-3 hour reception with no dinner following.

25) Well Brands are generally the most expensive brands of liquor.

26) One bar or bartender per every 100 guests is standard and recommended.

27) Under Family Style/English Service, guests are seated, and large serving platters and bowls of food are placed on the dining table by the servers. Guests pass the food around the table, and a host often will carve the meat.

28) Catered events generally have one host and one bill and most attendees eat the same meal.

29) Most meals are catered off-premises during a meeting.

30) Box lunches are normally only available for carrying away from the hotel to an off premise location.

31) Beverage service is always offered at receptions.

32) Vegans will not eat anything from any animal source, but will eat honey because it is only an animal by-product.

33) Beverages sold per person is the least expensive method for the event professional.

34) "Corkage" is defined as the fee added to liquor brought into the hotel but not purchased from the hotel.

35) According to the text, underground hospitality suites can be a positive event component because of the revenue gained.

MATCHING. Choose the item in column 2 that best matches each item in column 1.

Match the styles of food service to their descriptions.

36) Buffet       A) Sometimes referred to as "performance stations" or "exhibition cooking."

37) Attended buffet/Cafeteria            B) Inexpensive items are presented in buffet style, while more expensive items are served by an attendant for portion control.

38) Combination buffet          C) Light foods are served buffet style or are passed on trays by servers.

39) Action stations      D) Guests are seated and there is one server for every two guests. Servers wear white gloves, carry two plates and stand behind the two guests, serving them at a signal.

40) Reception E) Guests are served by chefs or attendants; more elegant with more portion control than other services.

41) Family style/English service         F) Food is attractively arranged on tables Guests serve themselves and then take their place to a table to sit and eat.

42) Plated/American service   G) The food is fully prepared in the kitchen, then served from platters or an Escoffier dish.

43) Butler service        H) Guests are seated and served food that has been proportioned and plated in the kitchen.

44) Hand service         I) Guests are seated and large serving platters are placed on the table. Guests pass the food around the table.

45) Banquet Russian Service  J) Hors d'oeuvres are passed around on trays and guests serve themselves


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