According to a joint study by McKinsey and Oxford University, large software projects on average run

Question : According to a joint study by McKinsey and Oxford University, large software projects on average run : 2141894

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.
76) According to a joint study by McKinsey and Oxford University, large software projects on average run ________ percent over budget.
A) 75
B) 25
C) 33
D) 50
E) 66
77) Which of the following would not be considered a project management activity?
A) Assigning tasks
B) Organizing the work
C) Writing the code for a new system
D) Reporting progress
E) Assessing risk
78) All of the following are likely to increase the level of project risk except:
A) a small number of project team members.
B) a project that impacts many parts of the organization.
C) information requirements that are not clear and straightforward.
D) an information systems staff that does not possess much technical expertise.
E) a project in which project members must master new technology.
79) Very large-scale systems projects have a failure rate that is ________ percent higher than that for other projects.
A) 5 to 10
B) 33 to 50
C) 50 to 75
D) 10 to 25
E) 25 to 33
80) Which of the following is not typically an end-user concern?
A) What new procedures do we need to enter data into the system?
B) Can the data be accessed on mobile phones, tablets, and PCs?
C) How will the operation of the system change employees' daily routines?
D) What technologies should be used to secure the data?
E) Will the system deliver the information I need for my work?
81) According to the Project Management Institute, which of the following is the leading factor in project success?
A) Having executive sponsors who are actively engaged
B) The scope of the project
C) The amount of money spent on the project
D) The number of employees devoted to the project
E) The amount of time spent on the project
82) Which of the following shows each project task as a horizontal bar whose length is proportional to the time required to complete it?
A) Systems chart
B) Structure chart
C) Requirements chart
D) Gantt chart
E) PERT chart
83) Which of the following is the most widely used project management tool?
A) Microsoft Project
B) Microsoft Access
C) Microsoft Word
D) Microsoft Excel
E) Google Project
84) ________ refers to the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to achieve specific targets within specified budget and time constraints.
A) Project implementation
B) Systems analysis
C) Systems design
D) Project scope
E) Project management
85) A PERT chart:
A) tracks progress of, and modifications to, project tasks.
B) portrays a project as a network diagram consisting of numbered nodes that represent tasks.
C) is used to evaluate project costs and benefits.
D) displays a horizontal bar for each project task.
E) is used to evaluate project risk and time.

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