A server's task is no more than just effectively taking guests' orders

Question : A server's task is no more than just effectively taking guests' orders : 2162212

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

1) A server's task is no more than just effectively taking guests' orders.

2) Successful suggestive selling depends on the interest and enthusiasm of the server who has a thorough knowledge of the menu.

3) Connecting emotionally to the guest is the most important critical part of a successful sever and guest interaction.

4) If a guest cannot decide on what to order, the server should ask another server to wait on that customer.

5) The guest who will send items back to the kitchen is a person that the server will never be able to satisfy.

6) If a child orders an expensive menu item, the server should always check with a parent or adult at the table for final approval, and be prepared to suggest another item or two from which the child can choose.

7) The guest who has diet restrictions will expect the server to be knowledgeable in answering questions and in making appropriate suggestions.

8) When a guest who frequents a restaurant is recognized as someone who does not leave a tip or tips only a small amount, that guest should receive minimal service.

9) Suggestive selling helps the server to engage in conversation with the guest instead of just taking an order.

10) When two or three tables are seated at the same time, the server should take the orders first from the table that will be ordering appetizers and wine, assuring a larger tip.

11) The American Disabilities Act which requires reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities such as, hearing, visual, and physical restrictions does not apply to most restaurants.

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

12) Exceptional customer service can be summed up as "________" in a professional, competent, and timely manner.

A) feeding the need

B) getting it done

C) meeting the need

D) exceeding guest expectations

13) An experienced server will quickly recognize when the price of the menu is a serious factor for guests, and will:

A) suggest pie and coffee

B) suggest another restaurant

C) suggest medium and lower priced entrées

D) suggest just a soup or salad

14) A blind guest may be accompanied by a service dog which would generally lay under the table near the guest. The server should:

A) bring the dog a bowl of water

B) refrain from petting or feeding the animal

C) slip the dog a bone from the kitchen

D) answer A and B

15) Anticipating guest needs is a combination of close observation and being able to interpret nonverbal communication from the guest. This is also referred to as "________."

A) staying connected

B) reading the needs

C) being guest focused

D) being heads-up

16) ________ is a type of suggestive selling that entices the guest to spend more money and is a real service by informing the guest of a better value that can add to the enjoyment of a meal.

A) Upselling

B) Soft selling

C) Menu merchandising

D) none of the above

17) The ________ menu offers a greater opportunity to the server for suggestive selling.

A) à la carte

B) semi à la carte

C) table d'hôte

D) maître d'

18) When a guest asks a server, "What do you recommend?" for either a food or beverage item, the server should respond with question(s) like:

A) "What is your favorite?"

B) "What do you enjoy at home?"

C) "How much do you want to spend?"

D) answer A and B

19) Certain food items can be served with flair and showmanship by displaying a special techniques or method of presentation, such as:

A) spicing the plate

B) flamed dishes

C) sizzling platters

D) answer B and C

20) If a guest becomes ill during the meal, or is chocking, the server should immediately:

A) call 911 for emergency help

B) attempt to administer aid

C) notify the manager

D) open a window for fresh air


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