A server's personal appearance may reveal much about

Question : A server's personal appearance may reveal much about : 2162200

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

1) A server's personal appearance may reveal much about his or her personality and attitude.

2) Personal grooming is as much a part of one's personality as one's feelings and actions.

3) The principles for a good appearance are very different for women than for men.

4) Bold hairstyles and colors, body art, and piercings are popular and a form of self- expression that a server may display to engage customers.

5) Although servers may devote time and energy to daily grooming routines, they will not look their best unless strict attention is given to poise and posture.

6) A server should have two uniforms and aprons to allow for a once-a-week change.

7) Servers should use gloves or tongs when handling any ready-to-eat food.

8) Shoes are a significant part of the server uniform and should always match the color of the uniform and have a full-grain leather heel and sole.

9) Good body language, willingness to serve, and enthusiasm are positive attributes that lead to repeat customers.

10) A server can easily evaluate his or her own personal appearance by simply looking in the mirror.

11) Servers must practice strict standards of hygiene and cleanliness to avoid the spread of food-borne illnesses.

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

12) Sanitation is essential to all foodservice operations and every employee who prepares and/or serves food must meet the highest standards of:

A) personal hygiene

B) neatness and cleanliness

C) good grooming

D) all of the above

13) A well-groomed server appearance is necessary to project the image of:

A) good service

B) pleasant atmosphere

C) quality food being safely served

D) all of the above

14) A server should always have clean and fresh smelling hair that is:

A) pulled back

B) restrained by hair clips or pins

C) covered with a hair net

D) controlled

15) The proper use of cosmetics and fragrances by a server includes:

A) cosmetics that can enhance one's appearance

B) minimal or no use of fragrances

C) a blend of dominant cosmetics and fragrance

D) answer A and B

16) Good oral hygiene is maintained by:

A) chewing fresh-breath gum during slow periods

B) using a strong mouth wash before and during work

C) frequent tooth brushing and flossing

D) all of the above

17) The hands of a server should be immaculately clean, therefore during busy periods when a hand-washing sink may not be available, an alternative may be:

A) the use of a health department-approved sanitizer

B) wiping hands with a moist bar towel

C) wiping hands with a clean paper napkin

D) all of the above

18) The guest's perception of a server is key to a pleasant dining experience, therefore it is important to be aware of:

A) speaking with an authoritative tone of voice

B) body language

C) a snug-fit uniform

D) the proper use of large jewelry

19) If a server is scheduled to work 5 days a week, then ________ uniform(s) and apron(s) would be appropriate.

A) 3

B) 7

C) 1

D) 6

20) Shoes are a significant part of a server's uniform and should be selected for:

A) shock-absorbent insoles and slip-resistant outsoles

B) safety and comfort

C) style and appearance

D) all of the above


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