A. denial B. downcoding

Question : A. denial B. downcoding : 2020

A. denial

B. downcoding

C. all of the above answers are correct

D. reduction

2. If a provider decides to challenge an insurance company's determination, and files an appeal, that individual or entity is known as a(n)

A. appealer

B. both a and b answers are correct

C. claimant

D. appellant

3. A payer's initial determination is sometimes changed as a result ofA. remittance

B. adjudication

C. none of the above answers are correct

D. postpayment audits

4. Which of the following is/are covered by remittance advices?

A. a single claim

B. the 835

C. groups of claims 

D. all of the above answers are correct

5. If an insurance company elects to wait and then pay multiple charges all at once, report this information in the ____________ column of the Apply Payment/Adjustments to Charges dialog box.

A. Take Back

B. Withhold

C. Deductible

D. Payment

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