A corporate executive picks up a rental car that has an odometer reading

Question : A corporate executive picks up a rental car that has an odometer reading : 2151890

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.


1) A corporate executive picks up a rental car that has an odometer reading of 13,617 miles on it. When he returns it, the odometer reads 14,538 miles. How many miles did he drive the rental car?

A) 921

B) 721

C) 4755

D) 1021

2) A 12-ounce can of tomato soup is priced at $1.32. What is the unit price per ounce?

A) $0.13 per ounce

B) $0.11 per ounce

C) $15.84 per ounce

D) $1.21 per ounce

3) A store has gross revenues of $5275, $5731, $4396, and $4826 in its first four weeks of business. What was the gross revenue for those four weeks?

A) $20,228

B) $19,228

C) $20,778

D) $20,328

4) A store orders 19 cases of snack crackers. Each case contains 82 snack crackers. How many snack crackers did the store order?

A) 1552

B) 1568

C) 1558

D) 1548

5) An airplane is flying east at an altitude of 37,220 feet. Another plane is flying north at an altitude of 32,568 feet. How much above the north-bound plane is the east-bound plane when their paths cross?

A) 4652 feet

B) 4582 feet

C) 4622 feet

D) 4852 feet

6) Andrea enjoys skiing in the winter. Last year she skied 17 times and spent a total of $629. How much did it cost her each time?

A) $38

B) $10,693

C) $612

D) $37

7) A plot of land which is up for sale is advertised as being 43 acres. If there are 4840 square yards in an acre, how many square yards does the plot of land cover?

A) 208,980 square yards

B) 208,120 square yards

C) 207,690 square yards

D) 4883 square yards

8) The Creekwood County school system has 3133 high school students, 3732 middle school students, and 3612 elementary school students. How many total students are in the Creekwood County school system?

A) 10,532

B) 10,477

C) 10,437

D) 10,385

9) Chris had a balance of $45 in his checking account. Since then he made deposits of $131, $457 and $386 and wrote checks for $71, $142, $178, and $318. When all of the deposits are recorded and all of the checks clear, what will balance will he have in his checking account?

A) $1728

B) $381

C) $310

D) $265

10) Taylor wanted to determine the gas mileage she was getting on her car. She filled the gas tank on her car when the odometer read 32,437 miles. After 7 days the odometer read 32,661 miles and it took 8 gallons of gas to fill the tank. How many miles to the gallon did Taylor's car achieve?

A) 28 miles per gallon

B) 224 miles per gallon

C) 32 miles per gallon

D) 219 miles per gallon

11) Ashley owns 14 acres of land which she rents to a timber grower for $3179 per acre per year. Her property taxes are $872 per acre per year. How much profit does she make on the land each year?

A) $56,714

B) $45,378

C) $43,634

D) $32,298

12) In preparation for his new job, David bought two suits at $174 a piece, six shirts at $28 a piece, two pairs of shoes at $76 a piece, four ties at $23 a piece, and five pairs of socks at $7 a piece. What was the total cost of these items?

A) $308

B) $760

C) $811

D) $795

13) Carla's Coffee Corner has 23 tables and each table has either 2 or 4 chairs. If there are 74 chairs to go with the 23 tables, how many tables have exactly 4 chairs?

A) 13

B) 10

C) 9

D) 14

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