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Question : a. All of these b. Testify at

a. All of these

b. Testify at committee hearings

c. Lobby congresspeople directly

d. Organize letter-writing campaigns

2. What is fits the definition of a social movements?

a. It uses people and organization to challenge power-holders.b. All of these.c. It works outside the normal channels of government to create social or political change.d. It claims to represent a group that is being treated unjustly.

3. The pluralist view of power in action can be summed up as follows:

a. None of these.b. Interests compete for political power, resources, and money, but no one dominates the playing field.c. Interests compete for political power until one group dominates the playing field.d. Interest groups compete for political power until one group wins by garnering the most resources.

4. Even though third parties have not been successful in electing their candidates, they

a. Contribute new ideas and solutions to the political process that are often adopted by the major parties.b. Convey the depth of feeling of voters in cases where the political parties seem out of touch.c. All of these.d. Contribute important information about issues to the major political parties.

5. Who wrote the following words: "Liberty is to faction what air is to fire"?

a. Patrick Henryb. John Jayc. James Madisond. Alexander Hamiliton

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