98. Why did many Whigs in Britain hope for an

Question : 98. Why did many Whigs in Britain hope for an : 2105596

98. Why did many Whigs in Britain hope for an American victory in the War for Independence?

a. They wanted the Tory government defeated so they could come to power.

b. They were strongly pacifist.

c. They feared that if George III triumphed, his rule at home might become tyrannical.

d. They rejected colonialism.

e. They admired the principles of republicanism.

99. What advantage did the colonists have as the Revolutionary War began?

a. Highly reliable and well-supplied troops

b. Potential aid from the Armed Neutrality League

c. A well-organized, strongly committed, and united population

d. Many outstanding political and military leaders

e. A sound economy and financial system

100. The colonists faced all of the following weaknesses in the War for Independence EXCEPT

a. poor organization.

b. colonial disunity and weak central authority.

c. a weak economy and lack of military supplies.

d. the necessity of employing European officers.

e. a poorly trained militia and few professional soldiers.

101. What was true of Americans by the end of the Revolutionary War?

a. The majority of free blacks had served in the colonial militia.

b. The part-time militia had proven effective at guerilla warfare.

c. The American military no longer needed foreign assistance.

d. A few thousand American regular troops had become an effective fighting force.

e. America had developed a strong, well-trained navy.

102. What did Lord Dunmore proclaim in 1775, as royal governor of Virginia?

a. That slaves who escaped to fight for the British would be freed

b. That anyone caught destroying tea would be arrested

c. That Virginia would ally with the British

d. That all men would be expected to serve in the military

e. That captured colonial soldiers would be hanged for treason



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