97. STIs more likely to be detected in boys than

Question : 97. STIs more likely to be detected in boys than : 1801858

97. STIs are more likely to be detected in boys than in girls.

98. Teen pregnancy and birthrates in the United States have declined in recent years.

99. Full-scale adolescent rebellion is the norm for most teens in the United States.

100. Adolescents may spend an increasing amount of time with peers but parents still are close and influential.

101. Conflict with parents tends to increase sharply over the teenage years, peaking in late adolescence.

102. Authoritarian parenting styles are most closely related to positive outcomes in emerging adulthood.

103. Economic stress is primarily a factor in teen relationships with their families only in single-parent homes.

104. The influence of peer groups is strongest in early adolescence.

105. Programs that address environmental risk factors have had success in preventing juvenile delinquency.

106. The most widely held view about emerging adulthood is conformity with social norms.

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