96. There less risk involved in starting an e-commerce only

Question : 96. There less risk involved in starting an e-commerce only : 2050623

96. There is less risk involved in starting an e-commerce only business than there is in trying to add e-commerce to a traditional (bricks-and-mortar) store.

97. One of the major advantages to firms involved in e-commerce is that the technology is still so new that the Internet-based firms face very little competition.

98. Although the Internet is exciting, very few people have access to it outside the U.S.

99. Niki has joined with several other investors to form a new company that sells foot care products to consumers over the Internet. Niki has invested in a B2C e-commerce company.

100. Over the past several years, workers in the small nation of Rainland have enjoyed an increase in the number of holidays and a reduction in the average length of the workday that has reduced the total number of hours they work each year. However, the output per worker in Rainland is higher now than it was before the reduction in hours. These facts suggest that productivity in Rainland has increased.


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