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Question : 94. A control plan that makes it easier to prepare

94. A control plan that makes it easier to prepare the document initially and later to input data from the document is called ______________________________.

95. ______________________________ takes the form of a signature or initials on a document to indicate that the proper person has authorized the event.

96. ______________________________ control the online entry of data by defining the acceptable format of each data field, automatically moving to the next field, requiring that certain fields be completed, and/or automatically populating certain fields.

97. ______________________________ describes a computer system asking the user for input or asking questions that the user must answer.

98. ______________________________ are edits automatically performed by data entry programs upon entry of the input data.

99. A(n) ______________________________ check is a variation of a limit check.

100. ______________________________ represent a summarization of any numeric data field within the input document or record.

101. The edit that compares calculations performed manually with those performed by the computer to determine if a document has been entered correctly is referred to as ______________________________.

102. A(n) ______________________________ digit is an extra digit that is added to an identification number to help control the accuracy with which the number is entered into a computer system.

103. The control ______________________________ informs the user that the input has been accepted for processing.

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