92) Which of the following a reason that command economies

Question : 92) Which of the following a reason that command economies : 199437

92) Which of the following is a reason that command economies tend to stagnate? A) All economic resources are mobilized good. B) Individuals in command economy countries lack the skills to be innovative. o private ownership means there is no incentive for individuals to look for better ways to serve consumer D) Costs are tightly controlled and business are forced to be efficient rather than dynamic and innovative. 93) 93) a requirement that some specific fraction of a good be produced domestically B) The Buy American Act is A) A local content requirement is C) Administrative are D) Bureaucratic rules are 94) 94) Porter contends that government: positively or A) can influence each of the four components of the diamond either B) negatively. conditions and the domestic rivalry can influence the domestic demand the other two component components of the diamond, but not industries C) influence the factor endowments and the related and supporting can diamond, but not the other two components. in components of the shape the environment D) has little or no effect on the four components that which firms compete. 95) 95) The principle of mercantilism views trade as a(n) game. B) negative-sum A) zero-sum D) positive sum 96) The theories of international trade claim that promoting free trade is generally in the 96) best interests of A) all multinational corporations. B) the World best interest of an individual firm. C) a country, although it may not always be in the of a country. D) an individual firm, although it may not always be in the best interest seeks to explain why firms often prefer foreign direct investment over licensing as a strategy for entering foreign markets. B) Knickerbocker's theory A) The eclectic paradigm D) Internalization theory C) The non interventionist theory

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