91.Where would you measure the FIO2 in an NO delivery

Question : 91.Where would you measure the FIO2 in an NO delivery : 2083458

91.Where would you measure the FIO2 in an NO delivery system used with a mechanical ventilator?

A.proximal to the NO titration site

B.distal to the NO titration site

C.directly at the NO titration site

D.proximal to the O2 blending system

92.To prevent an adverse rebound effect when withdrawing NO therapy, what should you do?

I.Reduce the NO to the lowest effective dose (ideally, less than 5 ppm).

II.Hyperoxygenate the patient just before discontinuing NO.

III.Ensure that the patient is hemodynamically stable.

A.I and II

B.II and III

C.I and III

D.I, II, and III

93.Which of the following is an indication for the use of helium-O2 mixtures?

A.large-airway obstruction

B.small-airway obstruction

C.restrictive diseases

D.physiologic shunting

94.Compared to air, the density of an 80% He and 20% O2 mixture is about which of the following?

A.two-thirds as much

B.one-half as much

C.one-third as much

D.one-fifth as much

95.A physician orders a 70% He:30% O2 mixture to reduce the work of breathing in a patient having an acute asthmatic attack. Which of the following delivery systems would be appropriate in this case?

A.adult O2 tent at 15 L/min

B.aerosol mask at 12 L/min

C.nasal cannula at 6 L/min

D.nonrebreathing mask at 10 L/min

96.You are giving a 80% He:20% O2 mixture to an asthmatic patient through a nonrebreathing mask with a compensated Thorpe tube O2 flowmeter set at 8 L/min. What is the actual flow being delivered to the patient?

A.10 L/min

B.12 L/min

C.14 L/min

D.18 L/min

97.Before administering a helium-O2 mixture to a patient with large airway obstruction, what should you do?

A.Analyze the helium concentration of the mixture.

B.Heat the cylinder to ensure complete mixing of contents.

C.Analyze the O2 concentration of the mixture.

D.Roll the cylinder to ensure complete mixing of contents.



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