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Question : 91.Tom Valerio was the point man a major push to


91.Tom Valerio was the point man on a major push to reinvent CIGNA Property & Casualty. When Valerio joined it, the company was in the basement due to poor underwriting decisions and multiple claims from natural disasters. His vision for CIGNA was to become a top-quartile, specialist property and casualty company. It was a radical proposition. During the organizational change, having this vision was especially important during the ____ stage.

a.change intervention

b.the change prototype



e.change mobilization

92.Which of the following is one of the groups that John Kotter recommends be included in a core change coalition to guide and support organizational change?

a.board members


c.union leaders

d.employees and managers

e.all of these

93.According to John Kotter’s analysis of the errors managers make when leading change, managers tend to make the largest number of errors during the ____ stage of organizational change.






94.According to John Kotter, which of the following actions will adversely influence refreezing efforts?

a.the absence of a vision

b.not removing obstacles to the company’s new vision

c.not creating a powerful enough guiding coalition

d.declaring victory too soon

e.all of these

95.Which of the following statements describes an advantage of the results-driven change approach?

a.It supplants the sole emphasis on activity with a focus on quickly measuring and improving results.

b.Managers actually test to see if changes make a difference.

c.Quick, visible improvements motivate employees to continue to make additional changes.

d.Managers introduce changes in policies, procedures, rules, and regulations only when they will improve measured performance.

e.All of these were cited as advantages of the results-driven change approach.

96.An Internet strategy enabled Nestlé USA to change its way of doing business and allowed the company to change its staid, risk-averse culture. Nestlé leaders relied on the Net to help them overhaul much of what the company does—from buying raw materials to processing purchase orders to marketing the roughly 2,000 products that make up its nearly 200 brands. Employees worked to “Make e-business the way we do business.” Nestlé USA used ____ change to reinvent the company.





97.____ change focuses primarily on changing company procedures, management philosophy, or employee behavior.






98.The General Electric workout is a special kind of:

a.activity-oriented change

b.results-driven change

c.generational change change

e.resources-driven change

99.A transition management team:

a.contains eight to twelve members

b.provides ways to coordinate change throughout an organization not an extra layer of management within the changing organization not a steering committee accurately described by all of these

100.A(n) ____ is the individual who is formally in charge of guiding a change effort.

a.change ombudsman

b.staff moderator

c.change mentor

d.change agent




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