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Question : 91.The purpose of the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association


91.The purpose of the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) is to promote the production of safe, high-quality food in a manner that does not harm the environment and that preserves or improves soil fertility, soil structure, and farm sustainability. This is the organization’s:

a.visible statement of vision

b.point of competitive advantage


d.organizational rationale

e.principle of existence

92.The purpose of an organization’s mission is to:

a.guides the decisions and behaviors of the people who are members of the organization periodically changed in response to external environmental changes

c.responds well to behavioral addition and subtraction

d.creates a framework for industry-wide comparisons

e.allows it to compete internationally

93.EDUN is a socially conscious clothing company launched in 2005 by Ali Hewson and Bono with New York clothing designer Rogan Gregory. The company’s _____is to help increase trade and create sustainable employment for developing areas of the world with an emphasis on Africa, while providing a business model for others to follow.

a.visible statement of purpose

b.point of competitive advantage


d.organizational rationale

e.principle of existence

94.Hooters’ is a chain of more than 2,000 restaurants. Its employees cheerfully admit that the restaurants are “delightfully tacky, yet unrefined.” The reason the company exists is apparent to all of its employees—its purpose is fun. The concept of making eating out consistently fun for men is an example of its:






95.One of the difficulties encountered in recent mergers has been the inability of employees in the two existing organizational cultures to operate harmoniously. In other words, both merging organizational cultures lacked the __________ that would have increased the likelihood of the merger’s success.






96.According to a book by a Harvard Business School professor, some organizational cultures simply cannot meet the challenges posed by innovation and must respond to threats from new technologies by building outside ventures. Digital Equipment is described as having one of those organizational cultures that did not have __________. The company squandered the opportunities presented by the PC revolution even though it was well equipped to build cheap PCs.



c.a formula for success laddering

d.knowledge management


97.Employees tend to feel a greater sense of ownership and responsibility in companies with organizational cultures characterized by:



c.employee involvement


e.managerial empathy

98.Which of the following statements about a company’s mission is (are) true?

a.A company’s mission refers to the company’s purpose or reason for existing.

b.A company’s mission can make the organization’s strategic purpose and direction apparent to everyone.

c.A company’s mission can help to guide decision making under conditions of environmental uncertainty.

d.A company’s mission strengthens the organizational culture.

e.All of these statements about a company’s mission are true.

99.William McKnight became CEO of 3M in 1929.  He did what no CEO had ever done before when he merged innovation and system building.  He created a company that to this day treats innovation as a systematic, repeatable process.  From this information, you know that 3M has a(n) _____ organizational culture.






3M actively defines itself as an innovative company.

100.One of the problems with many of the companies that failed was a lower and middle management adherence to innovation and an expectation that work would be fun while top management envisioned the company being profitable and eliminating of unnecessary expenses. These companies lacked __________ in their organizational cultures.




d.broad spans of management




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