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91.In order to improve performance and motivation, Scott's performance is evaluated not only by his direct manager, but also by his customers, subordinates, and coworkers. This is an example of a _____.  

A. self appraisal

B. peer appraisal

C. client appraisal

D. supervisor appraisal

E. 360-degree appraisal

92.An organization that officially fixes meetings on a particular day on a yearly basis between a manager and a subordinate in which the subordinate is given feedback on her performance uses the _____ method. 

A. informal appraisal

B. casual appraisal

C. off-the-record appraisal

D. formal appraisal

E. unofficial appraisal

93.In _____ managers and their subordinates meet whenever the need to discuss ongoing progress and areas for improvement arises. 

A. informal appraisals

B. conventional appraisals

C. annual appraisals

D. reserved appraisals

E. formal appraisals

94.A broad comparative concept that refers to how an organization's monetary compensation incentives compare, in general, to those of other organizations in the same industry employing similar kinds of workers is known as: 

A. pay level.

B. pay structure.

C. economies of scale.

D. relative benefits plans.

E. relative employee perks.

95.A(n) _____ clusters jobs into categories reflecting their relative importance to the organization and its goals, levels of skill required, and other characteristics managers consider important. 

A. employee grade

B. pay structure

C. job analysis

D. job description

E. simulated structure

96._____ is an example of a benefit that is legally required and hence not optional. 

A. Life insurance

B. Unemployment insurance

C. Health insurance

D. Dental insurance

E. Child care

97._____ are the activities managers engage in to ensure that they have effective working relationships with the labor unions that represent their employees' interests. 

A. Subjective appraisals

B. Labor relations

C. Conflict management

D. Conflict resolution

E. Objective appraisals

98.The act that made it legal for workers to organize into unions was the _____. 

A. Fair Labor Standards Act

B. Civil Rights Act

C. National Labor Relations Act

D. Occupational Safety and Health Act

E. Equal Employment Opportunity Act

99.Negotiation between labor unions and managers to resolve conflicts and disputes about important issues such as working hours, wages, working conditions, and job security is called _____. 

A. organized labor

B. picketing

C. group protesting

D. collective bargaining

E. strike instigating

100.A neutral third party called a(n) _____ is usually called in to resolve any conflict that may arise over the interpretation of the contract that spell out the terms of the collective bargaining agreement. 

A. mediator

B. management spokesperson

C. arbitrator

D. picketer

E. union representative



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