91.Francesca does a pretty good job of completing spelling problems

Question : 91.Francesca does a pretty good job of completing spelling problems : 1408646



91.Francesca does a pretty good job of completing spelling problems but does much better if she is given direction by her teacher. The difference between what Francesca can do alone and with assistance is best defined in terms of her

a.orienting response.


c.one-to-one principle.

d.zone of proximal development.




92.Dr. Gunga is attempting to determine the zone of proximal development for Dinn when Dinn works on complex mazes. In order to do so, Dr. Gunga must measure Dinn’s personal performance on the maze and

a.Dinn’s performance on several other Piagetian tasks.

b.Dinn’s maze performance when assisted by a skilled helper.

c.Dinn’s peers’ performance on the same maze.

d.how well Dinn performed on the same maze earlier in his life.




93.If you believed in the concept of the zone of proximal development, what advice should you give to a child who is attempting to learn how to throw a ball?

a.Tell the child to do it by him- or herself

b.Tell the child to ask a friend who knows how to throw well to help him or her out

c.Tell the child how easy the task is (even if it is hard)

d.You would say nothing, as advice will simply confuse the child




94.Scaffolding involves a teaching style in which assistance is always

a.from peers.


c.done in informal settings.

d.based on the level of the learner’s needs.




95.Federer is trying to implement a scaffolding style into his teaching of tennis to Venus, who is having difficulty, and to Serena, who is doing very well. To do this, Federer must

a.be sure to praise both students for their effort, not for their successes.

b.discourage private speech in both students.

c.give Venus more assistance and give Serena less assistance.

d.promote cooperation rather than competition between the two students.




96.Jesse is trying to teach his younger brother James how to be a “fast gun.” Before they start, Jesse reminds himself that James will need a lot of direction at first, but it is critical to not give more help than is needed.  Jesse’s plan provides an excellent example of the strategy of



c.orienting response.

d.the one-to-one principle.




97.According to Vygotsky, private speech is aimed at






98.While attempting to correctly answer this question, you notice that you are mentally commenting to yourself about its level of difficulty. Vygotsky would refer to these internal mental remarks as

a.private speech.c.an orienting response.





99.According to Vygotsky, ____ speech is another term for thought.






100.Which child is most likely using private speech during a piano lesson?

a.Wolfgang, who is practicing a very easy song

b.Sebastian, who is not making any mistakes

c.Johann, who is playing a new, difficult song for the first time

d.Giuseppe, who is already a concert pianist





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