91) Young girls with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) grow up

Question : 91) Young girls with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) grow up : 2123234

91) Young girls with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) grow up into women who

A) become hyper feminized in adulthood.

B) show deficits in traditional female characteristics like empathy.

C) show superiority in traditionally masculine cognitive skills.

D) have extreme difficulty with cognitive spatial rotation skills.

92) High levels of testosterone in women is linked to all of these behaviours EXCEPT

A) Frequent disciplinary infractions when incarcerated.

B) Increased sexual desire just prior to ovulation.

C) Being the more "masculine" partner in lesbian relationships.

D) Greater success in traditionally masculine careers.

93) The theory that most emphasized differences in sexual strategies is the ________ theory.

A) social role

B) evolutionary

C) social learning

D) socialization

94) From an evolutionary perspective, the optimal reproductive strategy for men is to

A) invest heavily in one mate.

B) withhold sex until you find the perfect mate.

C) attempt to mate with a modal number of women.

D) mate indiscriminately with as many women as possible.

95) The fact that women (rather than men) give birth to children is most important to the ________ theory.

A) evolutionary

B) socialization

C) social role

D) social learning

96) The finding that men have more desire for sexual variety is most consistent with the ________ theory.

A) social learning

B) socialization

C) social role

D) evolutionary

97) A problem for evolutionary theory is that

A) differences between short- and long-term mating strategies are too small.

B) it does not explain individual differences within the sexes.

C) it does not address the origins of sex differences.

D) research suggests that fathers prefer to spend time with daughters.



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