91) Why did the Bengalis in the former East Pakistan

Question : 91) Why did the Bengalis in the former East Pakistan : 2039756

91) Why did the Bengalis in the former East Pakistan fight for independence?

A) The government of India encouraged them to rebel.

B) They did not like the Islamic fundamentalism of Pakistan.

C) They did not share the Muslim religion of the Pakistanis.

D) They felt they were treated as second-class citizens.

E) They did not want to share their oil wealth with Pakistan.

92) When India gained its freedom in 1947, it was organized as which of the following kind of states?

A) communist

B) centralized

C) locally autonomous

D) theocracy

E) federal

93) What are the sources of ethnic violence in Sri Lanka?

A) religious and linguistic differences

B) linguistic and cultural differences

C) cultural and political differences

D) political and economic differences

E) economic and religious differences

94) What are the Tamil Tigers?

A) a sub-species of large felines in Nepal

B) a rebel force in Sri Lanka

C) an international soccer team from one of the states of India

D) a politically oriented singing group in Bangladesh

E) a group of environmental activists in Pakistan

95) Despite widespread poverty in the country of India, approximately how many Indians are able to purchase modern consumer goods such as televisions?

A) 50 million

B) 100 million

C) 250 million

D) 600 million

E) 450 million

96) Which of the following is one of the main reasons that Pakistan has had a difficult time achieving economic growth?

A) Its landlocked position makes it difficult for the nation to engage in trade.

B) Its economy is almost solely dependent on the information-technology industry.

C) It is burdened by high levels of defense spending.

D) Its ongoing war with Afghanistan has sapped the nation's economy.

E) Its "bubble" economy has collapsed.

97) India's economy is most advanced in what economic activity?

A) engineering technology

B) automobile production

C) electrical appliances

D) software development

E) consumer electronics

98) Which country of South Asia has the region's lowest level of economic development?

A) Pakistan

B) India

C) Maldives

D) Bangladesh

E) Nepal

99) Why is Bangladesh internationally competitive in textile and clothing manufacture?

A) It has abundant natural resources.

B) It has a cheap source of energy.

C) It is located near its markets.

D) Its wages are low.

E) all of the above

100) What role does the Grameen Bank play in Bangladesh?

A) It regulates interest rates in the country.

B) It provides low-interest credit to fund small-scale enterprise.

C) It is the largest commercial bank.

D) It facilitates international financial activities .

E) all of the above

101) In which country of South Asia are tourists required by law to spend a considerable amount of money and come as part of an official group?

A) Bhutan

B) Nepal

C) Pakistan

D) Bangladesh

E) Sri Lanka

102) Which country of South Asia has the region's highest life expectancy at birth?

A) Pakistan

B) Sri Lanka

C) India

D) Nepal

E) Bhutan

103) Which country of South Asia has the region's overall highest level of social development, in terms of favorable social indicators?

A) India

B) Pakistan

C) Sri Lanka

D) Bhutan

E) Nepal

104) What country of South Asia has the region's highest adult literacy rate?

A) Bangladesh

B) Pakistan

C) Sri Lanka

D) Nepal

E) India

105) Why do some of the poorest regions of India have relatively high literacy rates despite their poverty?

A) because of the educational efforts of Christian missionaries

B) because of investment in education by the provincial government

C) because of foreign direct investment in schools in these areas

D) because of Peace Corps efforts of the United States

E) all of the above

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