91) Which performance appraisal method compares employees with one another?

Question : 91) Which performance appraisal method compares employees with one another? : 1402432



91) Which performance appraisal method compares employees with one another?
91) ______

A) multiperson comparisons

B) 360-degree feedback

C) graphic rating scales

D) management by objectives (MBO)

E) critical incidents


92) __________ is a pay system that rewards employees for the job skills and competencies they can demonstrate.
92) ______

A) Incentive pay

B) Skill-based pay

C) Tenure-track pay

D) Union pay

E) Merit-based pay


93) Jerry's company is transferring him from St. John's to Vancouver. Although Jerry will be doing the same job as before, he will receive a higher salary to reflect the higher cost of living in Vancouver. His compensation has been influenced by which factor?
93) ______

A) kind of job performed

B) management philosophy

C) geographical location

D) size of company

E) unionization


94) Stephanie's company does not believe in paying employees any more than legally required. Compensation is primarily influenced by which factor?
94) ______

A) kind of job performed

B) size of company

C) company profitability

D) management philosophy

E) geographical location


95) According to a survey of college graduates cited in our text, the most important job factor overall was __________.
95) ______

A) opportunity for personal development

B) job location

C) enjoying what they do

D) lots of money

E) recognition of good performance


96) Eileen and her co-workers have been informed that they will not be receiving any bonuses this year because the company has been hit hard by the severity of the recession. Which factor has influenced employee compensation?
96) ______

A) Size of company

B) Micro-economic Influences

C) Capital intensive structure

D) Management philosophy

E) Company profitability


97) Which of the following statements concerning current issues in human resource management is most accurate?
97) ______

A) The outsider-insider transition is often more challenging for white males than it is for women and minorities.

B) To improve workforce diversity, managers need to narrow their recruiting net.

C) As defined in Canadian law, sexual harassment can only occur between members of the opposite sex.

D) Studies find that downsizing is as stressful for survivors as it is for the victims.

E) Once a diverse set of applicants exists, management no longer needs to to be concerned about the potential for discrimination in the selection process.


98) In cases involving sexual harassment, the courts want to know two things: did the organization know about, or should it have known about, the alleged behaviour and __________?  
98) ______

A) did the victim do anything to stop it

B) did the victim complain about it

C) did anyone else complain about it

D) did management know about it

E) did management do anything to stop it


99) Which of the following is sound managerial career advice?
99) ______

A) Keep your first job for a long duration

B) Don't accept or pursue lateral career options

C) Find a mentor

D) Challenge your boss publicly

E) Try to get a position that allows you to telecommute


100) Which of the following is described as a family-friendly benefit in the text?
100) _____

A) telecommuting

B) attrition

C) layoff

D) job specification

E) work sampling




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