91) Which of the following would be the most logical

Question : 91) Which of the following would be the most logical : 1408423


91) Which of the following would be the most logical way for Indiana Wood to expand?

A) establishing an online presence

B) pursuing retail convergence

C) implementing RFID inventory tracking

D) establishing a community-gathering environment in the store

E) joining a producers' cooperative

92) Wholesaling includes all the activities involved in selling products or services directly to final consumers for their personal, nonbusiness use.

93) Shopper marketing involves focusing the entire marketing process—from product and brand development to logistics, promotion, and merchandising—toward turning shoppers into buyers at the point of sale.

94) Department stores carry narrow product lines with deep assortments within those lines.

95) Self-service retailers serve customers who are willing to perform their own locate-compare-select process to save time or money.

96) Full-service stores usually carry more specialty goods for which customers need or want assistance or advice.

97) In recent years, convenience stores have redesigned their stores to closely focus on serving their primary target market made up of young, blue-collar men.

98) Superstores are much larger than regular supermarkets and offer a large assortment of routinely purchased food products, nonfood items, and services.

99) Supermarkets sell a limited selection of goods at deep discounts to consumers who pay membership fees.

100) Supermarkets are located near residential areas and are open long hours, seven days a week; they carry a limited line of high-turnover goods.



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