91. Which of the following the general trend observed in the

Question : 91. Which of the following the general trend observed in the : 1411427



91. Which of the following is the general trend observed in the sexual behavior of higher species? 

A. Males generally engage in sexual activity during estrus.

B. The environment has no influence in the sexual behavior of higher species.

C. Sexual behavior is completely controlled by the hormones.

D. Sexual behavior is controlled more by the brain than hormones.




92. In virtually all mammalian species, females engage in sexual behavior: 

A. about once a week.

B. only when they are in "heat."

C. only when the male initiates it.

D. at regular intervals that are determined primarily by the availability of mature males.




93. Studies have shown that monkeys raised in isolation fail to develop appropriate mating behaviors and are often incapable of reproducing. However, a similar deficit in the environment has no effect on the sexual capacity of mice. Which of the following statements would best explain the differential outcomes resulting from environmental deficit in monkeys and mice? 

A. Sexual activity is purely a function of biology in monkeys.

B. Monkeys are incapable of learning through observation of their environment.

C. Environmental influences play a stronger role in sexuality as species become more evolved.

D. For all higher species, sexual activity is limited to a natural mechanism of reflexes and hormones.




94. The key difference in human female sexuality from that of other "lower" species is that: 

A. in nonhuman species, the females often have more than one sexual partner.

B. the females of nonhuman species attain sexual maturity late in their life cycles.

C. only females of the human species experience orgasm.

D. in nonhuman species, female sexual behavior is strongly controlled by hormones.




95. An example of sexual behavior used for nonsexual purposes would be: 

A. a rapist using sex as an expression of power over a woman.

B. engaging in sexual activity as an end in itself.

C. renting a XXX movie on a Sunday afternoon for physical stimulation.

D. engaging in sexual intercourse only when the female is potentially fertile.




96. Which of the following statements is true regarding sexual health? 

A. It is purely a social movement.

B. It exclusively promotes sexual physical health.

C. It involves positive sexual relationships.

D. Its prime focus is the management of sexual diseases.




97. An example of a negative sexual right is the: 

A. freedom to express one's sexuality with same-gender partners.

B. freedom to experience sexual pleasure.

C. freedom from sexual abuse and violence.

D. right to reproductive self-determination.




98. Freedom from all forms of discrimination based on sex, sexuality, or gender is an example of a(n) _____ sexual right. 

A. variable

B. negative

C. positive

D. affirmative




99. Which of the following is an example of a positive sexual right? 

A. Freedom to coerce a partner into nonconsensual sex

B. Freedom from physical abuse

C. Freedom from sexual abuse

D. Freedom to experience sexual pleasure




100. Identify an example of a positive sexual right. 

A. The right of a person to discriminate against others based on their sexual orientation.

B. The right of a man to have nonconsensual sex with a woman.

C. The right of a man to have consensual sex with his same-sex partner.

D. The right of a woman to be free of sexual abuse.








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