91) What region of Indonesia demanding creation of an independent

Question : 91) What region of Indonesia demanding creation of an independent : 2039776

91) What region of Indonesia is demanding creation of an independent Islamic state?

A) Aceh

B) Java

C) Kalimantan

D) Borneo

E) New Guinea

92) What country is the newest country in Southeast Asia?

A) East Timor

B) Myanmar

C) Cambodia

D) Malaysia

E) Indonesia

93) What animal name has been used to describe the robust economies of Southeast Asia?

A) eagle

B) cobra

C) elephant

D) lion

E) tiger

94) Why was Indonesia so poor when it gained its independence from the Dutch in 1949?

A) Indonesia had no marketable products.

B) Indonesia had accumulated high levels of international debt.

C) It suffered several years of drought and famine.

D) Civil war drained resources and stifled manufacturing.

E) The Dutch had used Indonesia largely for its tropical crops and invested little in transportation, health, or education in the region.

95) What kind of economic activity has the Indonesian government been trying to foster in order to improve its economy?

A) technologically oriented businesses

B) automobile assembly

C) back office work

D) pharmaceuticals

E) steel industry

96) What country has Vietnam emulated as it works to improve its economy?

A) United States

B) China

C) South Korea

D) Japan

E) India

97) What country in Southeast Asia has the region's fastest growing economy?

A) Burma

B) Laos

C) Vietnam

D) Cambodia

E) Malaysia

98) The Spratly Islands

A) may possess major oil deposits.

B) are mountainous and rugged.

C) have been a major cause of disunity within ASEAN.

D) are occupied by the Philippines.

E) are one of the largest chains in Southeast Asia.

99) The Philippines

A) has banned migration to other countries.

B) has the second highest PPP in Southeast Asia.

C) owes much of its lack of economic success to the policies and corruption of Ferdinand Marcos.

D) hosts several important American naval bases.

E) has a communist economic system.

100) What is the main cause of Burma's lack of economic development?

A) internal warfare

B) an international economic embargo

C) a lack of resources

D) a lack of access to the sea

E) excessive foreign debt

101) What was the economy of Southeast Asia like in the 1990s?

A) limousine ride of smooth development

B) parachute ride of slow, but relatively benign decline

C) roller coaster ride of economic boom and bust

D) gravity drop ride of a fast, deadly bust

E) rocket ride of a fast, high boom

102) What is the chief product of the "Golden Triangle" of Southeast Asia?

A) bananas

B) electronics

C) heroin

D) gold

E) rice

103) Thailand has the dubious distinction of being one of the world's centers for this illicit activity.

A) arms trading

B) gambling

C) prostitution

D) opium growing

E) money laundering

104) What is education like in Southeast Asia?

A) emphasis on basic and technical education, but inadequate attention given to graduate-school education

B) a good education system, including basic, technical, and university education

C) an inadequate education system, with little attention paid to basic education, and even less to technical and university education

D) emphasis on basic education, but inadequate attention given to university and technical education

E) emphasis on basic and university education, but inadequate attention given to technical education

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