91) The conversion process that moves the original layout to

Question : 91) The conversion process that moves the original layout to : 1973329

91) The conversion process that moves the original layout to the finished piece is the responsibility of the agency or advertiser and is called ________.

92) The ________ date is the time/date when all material needed for printing must arrive at the publication.

93) The term ________ refers generically to file verification at any stage in the print or multimedia workflow.

94) ________ is verification that takes place at the prepress phase, when the final file format is created and used to drive digital contract proofing, platesetting, or digital printing.

95) The ________ department is responsible for setting and then monitoring schedules of operations from creative through final production.

96) ________ printing is a photochemical process based on the principle that water will not mix with grease, and it can theoretically print anything that can photographed.

97) An essential part of any ad design, ________ can create moods, enhance readability, give your communication an image, and even inspire passion.

98) Any art, type or image that is made up of a solid color is called ________.

99) A process that produces incredible tone and detail that approximates photographic quality, ________ screening offers advertisers the ability to produce higher-quality color separations, which, in turn yield sharper color printed ads.

100) Although ________ printing delivers spectacular detail, high-line screens, richer densities, and consistent quality throughout in a short press run, its plates are said to be too

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