91. (p. 37) According to the _____ ideology, a wide range of individual

Question : 91. (p. 37) According to the _____ ideology, a wide range of individual : 1411440


91. (p. 37) According to the _____ ideology, a wide range of individual and social problems require medical treatment. 

A. symbolic

B. religious

C. relational

D. therapeutic

92. (p. 37) Many people refrain from public nudity and exhibitionism for the fear of arrest and incarceration. This illustrates that the law: 

A. is the basis for the mechanisms of social control.

B. gives people the freedom to express their sexuality.

C. creates the traditions and norms within a particular society.

D. has no significant impact upon the behavior of people.

93. (p. 37) The _____ perspective focuses on how culture shapes and controls our sexual expression. 

A. sociobiological

B. geopolitical

C. psychosomatic

D. sociological

94. (p. 38) _____ is based on the premise that human nature and the social order are products of communication among people. 

A. Sociobiology

B. Geopolitical theory

C. Psychoanalysis

D. Symbolic interaction theory

95. (p. 38) Which of the following is a criticism of symbolic interaction theory? 

A. It overemphasizes the role of emotions in sexual interactions.

B. It does not acknowledge the importance of symbolic communication.

C. It portrays humans as other-directed individuals.

D. It does not consider rational, conscious thought.

96. (p. 38) Which of the following is true of sexual scripts? 

A. Sexual scripts suggest that most human sexual behavior occurs spontaneously.

B. Sexual scripts are enacted by all couples in exactly the same way.

C. Sexual scripts help us function independent of social norms.

D. Sexual scripts teach us the etiquette of sexual behavior.

97. (p. 39) Sexual scripts: 

A. tell us the meaning we should attach to a particular sexual event.

B. have no significant impact upon the sexual expressions of people.

C. do not shape the sexual behavior of people.

D. suggest that most human sexual behavior is irregular and unpredictable.

98. (p. 39) According to Reiss: 

A. a sociological theory must account for both cross-cultural variations and cross-cultural universals.

B. the belief that sexuality is important is not universal across societies.

C. primitive societies see the link between reproduction and sexuality more clearly than urban societies.

D. studying the sexual attitudes of societies isn't as effective as studying the genetic makeup of individuals.

99. (p. 40) According to Reiss' sociological theory of human sexuality, which of the following explains the occurrence of sexual jealousy? 

A. The need to decrease fertility

B. The need to socialize children

C. The need to create a stable power structure

D. The need to maintain stable kinship systems

100. (p. 40) Which of the following is true of sexuality according to Reiss? 

A. Sexuality is never linked to the power structure of a society.

B. Sexuality is closely linked to the ideologies of a society.

C. Sexuality cannot be studied in the social context.

D. Sexuality is not held important across cultures.



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