91) In which part of Australia most viticulture concentrated? A) in

Question : 91) In which part of Australia most viticulture concentrated? A) in : 2039794

91) In which part of Australia is most viticulture concentrated?

A) in the Northern Territory

B) just outside of Sydney

C) along the continent's southwestern tip

D) in the continent's interior

E) in the Outback

92) What economic activity is most important for Australia's economy?

A) high technology

B) tourism

C) wool production

D) mining

E) movies

93) What economic activity is most important on the more-barren low islands of Australia/Oceania?

A) viticulture

B) pastoral nomadism

C) iron ore mining

D) light manufacturing

E) fishing

94) What are kanakas?

A) Pacific Island laborers who worked on the plantations in Australia

B) shepherds from Fiji who worked on the sheep farms of New Zealand

C) people from the Marshall Islands who were harmed by the nuclear tests there

D) an indigenous ethnic group on Bora Bora

E) high ranking members of the Maori group

95) What economic activity has been the major source of Australia's economic wealth?

A) extraction and export of its abundant raw materials

B) cattle ranching

C) consumer electronics

D) textile manufacturing

E) software development

96) What is New Zealand's current economic strategy?

A) It is a socialist state.

B) It is one of the most market-oriented countries in the world.

C) It is a highly regulated economy.

D) It seeks to strike a balance between market-orientation and appropriate regulation.

E) Most industries are owned by the government.

97) What is the least developed and poorest part of Oceania?

A) Micronesia

B) Polynesia

C) Melanesia

D) Tasmania

E) New Zealand

98) How much of Hawaii's economy flows directly from tourist dollars?

A) about 1/5

B) about 1/4

C) about 1/3

D) about 1/2

E) about 2/3

99) Which of the following places exports the most manufactured goods to Australia?

A) Saudi Arabia

B) United States

C) European Union

D) Africa

E) New Zealand

100) What country in Oceania is a favorite of tourists from Japan and Korea?

A) Guam

B) Bora Bora

C) French Polynesia

D) Hawaii

E) Tonga

101) What is the average life expectancy in Australia and New Zealand?

A) 50 years

B) 60 years

C) 70 years

D) 80 years

E) 90 years

102) In which country of Australia/Oceania is the average life expectancy only 56, while 34 percent of its young people suffer from malnutrition?

A) Papua New Guinea

B) Marshall Islands

C) Bora Bora

D) Tonga

E) Guam

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