91) Business-to-consumer companies more likely to emphasize a ________ promotion

Question : 91) Business-to-consumer companies more likely to emphasize a ________ promotion : 1408442


91) Business-to-consumer companies are more likely to emphasize a ________ promotion strategy, while business-to-business companies are more likely to emphasize a ________ promotion strategy.

A) pull; push

B) push; pull

C) pulse; pull

D) blitz; pull

E) push; blitz

92) John Deere does very little promoting of its lawn mowers and garden tractors to final consumers. Instead, John Deere's sales force works with Lowe's, Home Depot, independent dealers, and other channel members, who in turn sell John Deere products to final consumers. According to this information, which of the following promotion mix strategies is being used by John Deere?

A) public relations strategy

B) direct marketing strategy

C) push strategy

D) blitz strategy

E) pull strategy

93) A large retailer advertised a sewing machine for $179. However, when consumers tried to buy the advertised machine, the seller downplayed its features, placed faulty machines on showroom floors, understated the machine's performance, and took other actions in an attempt to convince buyers to buy a more expensive machine. In this case, which of the following types of advertising is used by the retailer?

A) cross-selling

B) door-in-the-face

C) trojan horse

D) foot-in-the-door

E) bait-and-switch

94) Which of the following would be classified as bait-and-switch advertising?

A) advertising a cheaper brand but making only a more expensive one available to customers

B) advertising the advantages of a product by comparing it to its competitors

C) providing free samples of a product

D) providing discount coupons with a product

E) favoring certain customers over others through trade promotions

95) Under the ________ Act, sellers cannot favor certain customers through their use of trade promotions.

A) Smith-Connally

B) Robinson-Patman

C) Walsh-Healey

D) Wagner

E) Sarbanes-Oxley

96) The FTC has adopted a three-day cooling-off rule to give special protection to ________.

A) customers who purchased because of deceptive advertising

B) customers who purchased because of bait-and-switch tactics

C) customers who were not seeking a product

D) resellers who do not receive proportionately equal treatment from manufacturers

E) resellers who are not covered by the Robinson-Patnam Act

Refer to the scenario below to answer the following questions.


John Mayes opened Sparkle Janitorial in 2005. John began his business by acquiring two contracts for office cleaning services from two local manufacturing facilities. For two years, John and his wife, Barb, performed the cleaning services alone. After acquiring three additional cleaning contracts in 2007, John hired two employees.

"Up to that point, we had room to grow but we really had no advertising plan," John stated. "We were relying mostly on word-of-mouth."

By 2010, Barb hired another two full-time employees to begin Sparkle's new endeavor: carpet cleaning in homes and offices.

"Competition was getting tough for both of our services at that point," Barb added. "We ran a local radio spot three times each week. Then we had an advertiser print coupons on placemats. That gave us a little more exposure."

John and Barb Mayes admit that they did not realize the value of a sound promotional plan earlier. "We wish we would have put together something catchy with a jingle long before now," they said.

97) When starting their business, John and Barb would most likely have benefitted from understanding ________.

A) social media

B) buzz marketing

C) public relations campaigns

D) network television advertising

E) integrated marketing communications

98) In a recent radio spot, John and Barb gave a quick explanation of Sparkle's cleaning process and a description of the value consumers receive for their money. This is an example of a(n) ________ appeal.

A) emotional

B) standard

C) rational

D) moral

E) social

99) Advertising involves a personal presentation by the firm's sales force for the purpose of making sales and building customer relationships.

100) Sales promotion involves building up a good corporate image, and handling or heading off unfavorable rumors, stories, and events.



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