91) All SAP implementations start with an SAP ________. A) utility-based

Question : 91) All SAP implementations start with an SAP ________. A) utility-based : 1869673

91) All SAP implementations start with an SAP ________.

A) utility-based platform

B) industry-specific platform

C) cost-specific platform

D) task-specific platform

92) A module is a(n) ________.

A) distinct and logical grouping of processes

B) preconfiguration platform devised for a particular industry

C) collection of interconnected and interdependent programs

D) inherent process in an ERP system

93) Which of the following statements is true about SAP and its ERP products?

A) SAP has made a rapid move to thin-client, cloud-based solutions.

B) SAP addresses the needs of only small and mid-sized organizations.

C) SAP provides industry-specific platforms which are configured to a company.

D) SAP has overcome its dependence on client-server architecture.

94) ________, one of the more well-known versions of SAP, was the first truly integrated system that was able to support most of an organization's major operational processes.

A) R/3

B) NetWeaver


D) NetSuite

95) The SAP Business Suite runs on an application platform called ________.

A) R/3

B) NetSuite

C) NetWeaver

D) Baan

96) ________ connects SAP to hardware, third-party software, and output devices.

A) NetWeaver


C) R/3 software

D) NetSuite

97) Which of the following is true about ABAP?

A) It has SOA capabilities that help it to integrate SAP with non-SAP applications.

B) It enables the Business Suite/NetWeaver approach to be more adaptive to new IT developments.

C) It is a high-level application language of SAP that is used to enhance the functionality of an SAP implementation.

D) It connects SAP applications to hardware, third-party software, and output devices.

98) What are information silos? What problems do they cause in a database?

99) How can the problem of information silos be solved?

100) Define EAI and explain how metadata is used by EAI.

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