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Question : 88. A mechanism by which a company reimbursed for any

88. A mechanism by which a company is reimbursed for any loss that occurs when an employee commits fraud is called a:

A. segregation of duties

B. fidelity bond

C. personnel planning control

D. termination control plan

89. Which of the following personnel security control plans is corrective in nature as opposed to being a preventive or detective control plan?

A. rotation of duties

B. fidelity bonding

C. forced vacations

D. performing scheduled evaluations

90. Personnel termination control plans might include all of the following except:

A. require immediate separation

B. identify the employee's reasons for leaving

C. establish a policy of forced vacations

D. collect the employee's keys, badges, etc.

91. Instructions for computer setup, required data, restart procedures, and error messages are typically contained in a(n):

A. systems development standards manual

B. program documentation manual

C. operations run manual

D. application documentation manual

92. Application documentation that describes the application and contains instructions for preparing inputs and using outputs is a(n):

A. operations run manual

B. user manual

C. program documentation

D. systems documentation

93. Alternative names for contingency planning include all of the following except:

A. disaster recovery planning

B. business interruption planning

C. business disaster planning

D. business continuity planning

94. A data replication strategy where all data changes are data stamped and saved to secondary systems as the changes are happening is called:

A. mirror site

B. electronic vaulting

C. continuous data protection (CDP)

D. Dumping

95. All of the following are components of a backup and recovery strategy except:

A. echo checking

B. mirror site

C. electronic vaulting

D. hot site

96. Which of the following statements related to denial of service attacks is false?

A. Insurance is available to offset the losses suffered by denial of service attacks.

B. A denial of service attack is designed to overwhelm a Web site, making it incapable of performing normal functions.

C. Web sites can employ filters to sense multiple messages from a single site.

D. The most effective attacks originate from a small cluster of computers in a remote geographic region.

97. In an on-line computer system, restricting user access to programs and data files includes all of the following except:

A. user identification

B. user authentication

C. determining user access rights

D. wearing identification badges

98. Sending out an e-mail pretending to be a legitimate business asking for information about a person's account is called:

A. dumpster diving

B. phishing

C. smoozing

D. shoulder surfing

99. Which of the following controls restrict access to programs, data, and documentation?

A. library controls

B. password controls

C. authentication controls

D. program change controls

100. This logs and monitors who is on or trying to access an organization's network.

A. biometrics

B. electronic vaulting

C. intrusion detection systems (IDS)

D. firewall

101. Protecting resources against environmental hazards might include all of the following control plans except:

A. fire alarms and smoke detectors

B. waterproof ceilings

C. voltage regulators

D. rotation of duties

102. Searching through rubbish for system information such as passwords is called:

A. scavenging

B. phishing

C. smoozing

D. shoulder surfing

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