86.Which of the following ethics most closely related to? A.Values B.Locus of

Question : 86.Which of the following ethics most closely related to? A.Values B.Locus of : 1243840


86.Which of the following is ethics most closely related to?



B.Locus of control

C.Myers-Briggs type Indicator



87.Which of the following represents values that determine whether actions are right or wrong and outcomes are good or bad?




C.Moral intensity



88.A problem with the utilitarian principle of ethical decision making is that:


A.it focuses on the consequences of our actions, not on how we achieve those consequences.

B.thereis no agreement on what activities are the greatest benefits to the affected.

C.it is difficult to predict the "trickle down" benefits to the least well off in society.

D.it is almost impossible to evaluate the benefits or costs of many decisions.

E.it chooses the option that provides the minimum acceptable degree of satisfaction to those affected.

89.Which of the following is identified as an ethical principle?



B.Power distance




90.Which ethical principle reflects that people have entitlements that let them act in a certain way?



B.Individual rights

C.Moral intensity

D.Distributive justice


91.One of the limitations of the individual rights principle is that:


A.it really is not an ethical principle at all.

B.some individual rights conflict with other individual rights.

C.it does not protect the right to physical security and freedom of speech of the employees.

D.it is almost impossible to evaluate the benefits or costs of decisions when many stakeholders are affected.

E.it can degenerate into unjust favoritism.

92.Senior executives at CyberForm must make a decision that will affect many people and where the decision may produce good or bad consequences for those affected. This decision:


A.has a high degree of ethical sensitivity.

B.is one in which decision makers should rely only on the utilitarianism rule of ethics.

C.has a low degree of ethical sensitivity.

D.has a high degree of moral intensity.

E.should be taken with complete conscience.

93.People who have high ethical sensitivity:


A.tend to have more information about the specific situation.

B.tend to have lower levels of empathy.

C.are always more ethical than people with a moderate or low level of ethical sensitivity.

D.are individualistic and achievement oriented.

E.cannot estimate the moral intensity of an issue.

94.The ability to recognize the presence and determine the relative importance of an ethical issue is known as:



B.moral intensity.

C.ethical sensitivity.


E.uncertainty avoidance.

95.People who value their independence and personal uniqueness have:


A.high individualism.

B.high collectivism.

C.high power distance.

D.low uncertainty avoidance.

E.low openness to experience.



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