85. If using slack per remaining operations (S/RO) as the

Question : 85. If using slack per remaining operations (S/RO) as the : 1405002


85. If using slack per remaining operations (S/RO) as the scheduling rule, the job with the least slack per remaining operations has the highest priority.

86. Makespan has a link to customer due dates.

87. Makespan is a measure of WIP.

88. If customer service is important to the company, average job lateness is probably a more relevant measurement than average job tardiness.

89. EDD always minimizes mean job flow time.

90. Negative lateness means the job is finished before the due date.

91. Firms should balance the flow rather than the process.

92. Schedules should be established by considering all constraints simultaneously.

93. Usage and activation of a resource are not the same.

94. According to the text, a system’s input is determined by three kinds of constraints: internal resource constraint, market constraint, and policy constraint.

95. The transfer batch should always equal the process batch.

96. The process batch should be variable.

97. Using the Tibrewala, Phillippe, and Brown technique for a Monday through Sunday work week a regular, full time employee can end up with a Sunday-Monday set of days off.

98. Marketing uses flow time metrics to determine if deliveries are made on time.



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