84) A Markov analysis can be used to forecast internal

Question : 84) A Markov analysis can be used to forecast internal : 1404280


84) A Markov analysis can be used to forecast internal labour supply.

84) ______


85) Failure to update skills and management inventories can lead to present employees being overlooked for job openings.

85) ______


86) To project the supply of outside candidates, employers assess general economic conditions.

86) ______


87) The first step to project the supply of outside candidates is to forecast local market conditions.

87) ______


88) Highly educated immigrants are the predominant drivers of growth in the Canadian labour pool.

88) ______


89) Forecasts for various occupations are available from a number of sources, but these sources are not very helpful for determining whether any projected imbalances will be self-correcting or whether they will require specific intervention on the part of governments and/or private-sector organizations.

89) ______


90) Specific strategies must be formulated to balance supply and demand considerations.

90) ______


91) A labour surplus exists when the internal supply of employees exceeds the organization's demand. Most employers respond initially by terminating employment.

91) ______


92) A strategy used to deal with an employee surplus is the promotion of employees.

92) ______


93) One of the most innovative ways to manage the coming labour shortage is through the use of flexible work arrangements.

93) ______


94) Flextime is a plan whereby employees' flexible workdays are built around a core of midday hours.

94) ______




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