83.A gas in which the pressure no longer depends the

Question : 83.A gas in which the pressure no longer depends the : 1777252

83.A gas in which the pressure no longer depends on the temperature of the gas is said to be ____________________.

84.The age of a star cluster can be determined from the ____________________ of the cluster.

85.The maximum mass of a white dwarf is ____________________ solar masses.

86.A(n) ____________________ is the expulsion of the outer layers of a moderate mass star that has a degenerate carbon and oxygen core.

87.Electrons moving in a strong magnetic field emit ____________________ radiation.

88.Mass can flow from one star in a binary system to its companion through the first ____________________ point.

89.A(n) ____________________ is a rapidly spinning neutron star that accelerates charged particles near the poles of its magnetic field.

90.The ____________________ theory describes pulsars as rotating neutron stars with strong magnetic fields that confine high speed charged particles in two beams emanating from the magnetic poles of the neutron star.

91.The ____________________ of a black hole is the radius from the black hole at which the escape velocity is equal to the speed of light.

92.A(n) ____________________ periodically emits large amounts of X-ray radiation as material accretes around a neutron star or black hole.

93.The ____________________ of a black hole in a binary system can emit X-rays and allow us to detect the presence of the black hole.

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