82.The units the Hubble constant ____________________. 83.____________________ clusters of galaxies contain

Question : 82.The units the Hubble constant ____________________. 83.____________________ clusters of galaxies contain : 1777270

82.The units on the Hubble constant are ____________________.

83.____________________ clusters of galaxies contain closely spaced galaxies and often contain giant elliptical galaxies and a hot intergalactic medium.

84.Measuring the Doppler shift of material at various distances from the center of a galaxy can be used to construct a(n) ____________________ for that galaxy.

85.____________________ galaxies have a definite disk component, but contain no evidence of spiral pattern, few hot young stars, and little gas and dust.

86.Due to the extremely rapid orbital velocities of material near the center of many galaxies, these galaxies are believed to contain ____________________ at their centers.

87.____________________ Seyfert galaxies are very luminous at X-ray and ultraviolet wavelengths and have broad emission lines in their spectra.

88.If the red shift of a quasar were 3, at what wavelength would the 486.1 nm line of hydrogen appear in the quasar's spectrum?

89.The ____________________ describes blazars, Type 1 Seyferts, Type 2 Seyferts, and radio lobe galaxies as being produced by a dense disk of gas and a hot accretion disk around a super massive black hole at the core of a galaxy.

90.A(n) ____________________ is observed if our line of sight is along the rotation axis of an active galactic nucleus.

91.The spectrum of a(n) ____________________ consists of a continuum and a few highly red shifted emission lines of due to hydrogen.

92.The high ____________________ of quasars reveals to astronomers that they must be very distant.

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